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Let’s make an Origami Crane

So, I started taking an interest in origami and thought what would be a better choice than to start with one of the most well-known, recognized, simple, and beginner-friendly model which is the crane. It is regarded as the most classic of all Japanese origami, and when we think of origami, we usually think of the crane.

Speaking of terms and origin, the Japanese term for crane is tsuru and when its a folded origami crane, it’s orizuru which comes from ori meaning “folded” (as in origami) and tsuru. The origami crane is a representation of the Japanese red-crowned crane, also known as the “Honorable Lord Crane,” and it is believed in Japanese mythology that its wings transport souls to paradise.

Folding steps to make an origami crane.

There’s also this beautiful story related to origami cranes called Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes which is a children’s story book and it follows a young 2-year -old Japanese girl named Sadako suffering from leukemia due to bombings in World War II who spent her time in the hospital making origami cranes in the hopes of creating 1,000 of them since there was a Japanese legend that promises you a wish if you manage to make one thousand origami cranes. And that brings us to senbazuru (thousand cranes) which is a thousand cranes strung together with strings. Origami cranes also make excellent decorations. Moreover, they are a symbol of peace.

But before you get your wishes ready, you have to know how to make a paper origami crane. You could just fold one up right now because its not too difficult and all you need is a square sheet of paper of any size; although bigger ones are recommended for absolute beginners. So get one right now and follow my step-by-step instructions to make your first (or the thousandth) origami paper crane!


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