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Useful Website #1

So this time, I’ve brought you a useful website that can help you pick your next favorite anime to watch. I’ve had some of you ask me for recommendations but now you can find them up yourselves(of course I’d still be up for recommending my elite collection if you wish). Introducing you to

This website is a really neat site to generate lists of anime based on your preferences that you can set or you can also just generate completely random lists or even a single one. This way you can find great anime that you may never have heard of before or that may become your next favorite one.

Random Anime list generator

In either case, it will be simple for you to browse through a huge selection of brand-new anime series, read about them, watch their trailers, and even find some popular websites where you can stream them. In short you can know all about a new anime, watch it’s trailer, and check it’s summary and reviews or ratings all at one place. You can thank Kyle Hawk for creating this website.

There are many options to set your preferences in this and you could generate lists based on your favorite genres or based on your AniList or MyAnimeList username or even based off another anime you already have in mind. Speaking of other anime, there’s also a page where you can generate a list of anime like an anime that you already love.

So next time you are stuck on what anime show to watch, just head over to this website and find your match! Happy binging!


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