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Here goes nothin’…

Alright.. Been wanting to do this for some time now.

Hello there! Glad you decided to visit. Welcome to my humble abode where I load off my ideas and what not. You could say I’m an artist, creative thinker or an explorer of new things (please do). I’m also kinda weird (don’t say I didn’t warn ya). I like to say I’m sort of a Flint Lockwood kinda guy.

The thing is, I get intrigued by some of the awesome things that exist in this world and I sorta obsess over em (and get super-excited) and proceed to try and learn about it and do it in the neatest way.

Like, that time when I was introduced to 3d origami (coming soon) by my middle school art teacher and I was so intrigued that I literally went on a folding spree for days. Or when I got to know that we could create actual working apps with programming and proceeded to learn java till I could at least create Notepad (while my classmates struggled with basic programming) . Or, when I saw Toy Story in my childhood and thought this new kind of animation (CGI, which is different from normal cartoons I used to watch) is so cool and developed a keen interest towards animation (also hopefully coming sooner or later).

That kinda thing gives me some power surge or somethin to try new things and go on about it for hours or days. This blogging thing itself seemed interesting. Because I find it hard to express myself most of the time and if it weren’t for the interestingness of this, I probably couldn’t have done it. It allows me to try it out and share my ideas and whatever I’ll be working on. I’ve developed this creative sense that I think is cool and I intend to share it with you guys. I will search for all the interesting stuff and try it out and then gather em up right here for ya’ll.

So, stay tuned and I myself am curious how this is gonna turn out. And maybe bookmark this site to not let it out of your sight. Bookmarking in itself is a thing of its own. It helps you save all the wonderful web pages (like maybe this one?) and organize them. I might even share some of those good ones from my own bookmarks someday.

Basically Somethin Blog

And also share this as much as possible so that more of your friends and family can see them too but more importantly so that we can bring together like-minded people and maybe even build a community or somethin. And do leave feedback and comments because I’d love to know what ya’ll think.

And yeah, sometimes I do give up when I can’t instantly get good at something.. or I do it for weeks and then lose interest and stop. But if it really did catch me, I’d come back to it eventually. I almost didn’t make this blog thing by getting mixed up in all the boring aspects of life. I might even be irregular sometimes (one man army here) but I will create good stuff when I do. So, I wanna run around and try them all! I hope you will find them to be enjoyable and useful as well.

Dive right into something new on a fortune cookie.

And finally, I would like to say that you should also be willing to try out new things. Go and try out all the things you love first and then the things you kinda wanna try. Don’t be hesitant to dive into something new. Now that might seem like the kind of advice your mom gives or something you’d hear from a fortune cookie, but what I’m trynna say is to try new things and mess up because it ain’t gonna come out neat the very first time but there is a learning curve to everything right. And keep in mind, perfectionism is the creative’s enemy. While perfectionism has kinda helped me make things a little bit better, it actually has prevented me from trying out a lot of things. So find new things, do stuff, mess up, and learn. Before I make this any more boring, I probably should sign out. See ya around!


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