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First up.. Digital Art Illustrations!

Digital art is a really fancy form of art. Its like an interesting fusion of art and technology. If you don’t know what it is, its creating visual art using computer assisted tools which basically means you draw on a computer or mobile (or whatever it is kids use these days) instead of plain old paper. There are many forms and ways you can do it (like many many) and there’s all sorts of artworks that can be made like computer graphics, 3D modelling and animation, interactive art and more cool stuff.. And obviously it’s being used in a ton of areas. But that’s digital art in the broader sense, right now I’ll just talk about simple digital art illustrations that I tried out.

Why Digital Art is Cool

Digital art is actually a fascinating field with a lot of options and limitless potential. Since it’s a very vast field, we can’t just point to one direction entirely and different fields require different sets of skills and interests. It’s powerful too because it’s really flexible, like we could edit it a thousand times and while normal art is limited to eraser edits, this one can be manipulated in many ways to get lots of splendid results.

Moreover, it’s creation process or it’s resources or even the final art itself can be documented and shared easily and quickly which is very convenient for whatever it is being used like product design or advertising and it can give insights to other aspiring artists. This is also what makes it unique. And it being the way it is, the possibilities are endless. We have lots and lots of choices and resources to get started on it, even for free, and we can make of it whatever we want at all as far as our imagination goes.

Person drawing on a tablet.

And especially in our time, its almost used everywhere (including this very blog). Emerging are also stuff like NFTs and Crypto art (which is like the paintings exhibition but in digital form, you can buy rights to a digital art as if they were an actual art piece). Digital art is a form of communication and it’s widespread. And it’s great. We can feel it when we see certain illustrations or artworks. It’s ever-evolving too. And like I said, it’s widely available too. We can learn it, create it or even buy it easily and quickly too. Thus, for those of us who are interested in it, it’s a great opportunity.

Digital and Traditional Art

While it is true that digital art is not literally real art, it can be considered real art because even though it is kinda more convenient than traditional art, it still does require the creativity, imagination, and skill that we’d need otherwise. And there’s also the learning and mastering the digital means which sorta counters the convenience claim.

And the winning advantage of digital art over traditional ones is that we don’t need to gather a lot of expensive art supplies to get started on it (which is one of the things that drew me into it). Of course, there’s expensive digital art resources and cheap traditional art resources too so that’s no excuse to not get started on traditional art. And then there’s also the fact that we can undo or resize the work which is a hack, when it comes to art. Also, digital art is easily shareable, accessible globally and widely influential so we just need a few clicks to get it printed or access it from various parts of the world.

Traditional Art materials.

However, there’s always the fact that digital art doesn’t give us that intimate connection, the sweet struggle or the sensation that we get from scribbling with a pencil or making a mess with the paint brushes and all that.

How I dived into it

I’ve always been passionate about animation and graphic design and other forms of digital art. And I’ve tried to gather and learn some of those as well. The vastness of the field kinda makes it overwhelming sometimes. But the trick is to go at it at your own pace. I do plan to learn more of those.

Now, I’m no expert but I did manage to do some illustrations which were more like experiments of mine. I was just trying out this app called ‘Autodesk Sketchbook’ on my mobile which is a neat app, I think. It is like a digital sketchbook and it is handy. So, I thought it’d be cool and just tried it and experimented with all the features and tools and all that and I sorta got the hang of it and it was one of those moments. It piqued my interest and I got hung up on it. It was my primary to-do thing for the next couple of months. And it was great, I got to learn a thing or two about drawing “digitally” which was my first time and I think they turned out somewhat neat. All I used were the app on my mobile and my finger to draw (cuz that’s all I had) so that didn’t require any fancy stuff to get started. I liked to do some minimal artwork and I experimented with different kinds of stuff but it was mostly fanart and I think I enjoyed it. I will be posting those in the next few upcoming posts and I’d appreciate feedback and comments on what you think, or if I inspired you, or maybe even some tips or advice if you happen to be a good digital artist (and thought that I’m a total amateur 😛 ).

And if you are an aspiring artist or just wanna try out stuff like me, go ahead and dive right into it. The important thing is to try even if you aren’t good at it. It can be a bit confusing at the start and may even require getting used to, but you’ll get into it – if you are interested, that is. And take it easy. It could be a useful skill or hobby even if you are nowhere close to any artistic background. Or if you are not interested in this one, there’s always another. Keep an eye out and stay tuned! : )

But for now, I’ll just share some holiday illustrations I did on holidays. Let me know what ya think.

And if you’re interested in the drawing process,


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