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Fanart Illustrations #2 – Spider-Man

These are the ones I did when I was super hyped about the “Spider-Man: No Way Home” movie. It was very anticipative as there were rumors that the 3 spider-men would appear in it and we didn’t really know if it was true but wished it was. The idea of the 3 appearing together in a multiverse sounded very cool to me! And it was cool. And there was a nostalgia to it since Spiderman was one of the very first superhero films that I watched during my childhood and I absolutely loved it back then (and I still do). And the movie was a treat, especially for us Spiderman fans, it was so good. The 3 Spider-men along with the old villains and Doctor Strange made it very enjoyable.

The 3 Spider-men

So that was a major inspiration to try out some Spiderman illustrations. So I did one illustration of the movie posters that looked interesting, and another one of the infamous “Doc Ock” since he made a popular appearance in the trailer, and is also one of my favorites because he’s got cool tentacles. I also did one with the three Spider-men after I watched the movie (and confirmed it myself). Feel free to share your thoughts.

And for the vids..


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