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Fanart Illustrations #3 – Money Heist

Money Heist was probably my first series (or at least my first Spanish series) and I quite enjoyed watching it. The first episode was itself pretty capturing. I also loved the intro and music. The introduction, with the city names and all, looked pretty cool too. And the idea of a man named simply the professor planning out the biggest heist in history was even cooler.

I loved most of the characters, they were all unique and had very different personalities. Also, I can somewhat relate to the professor who is nerdy and looks like the kinda guy who doesn’t enjoy life (and likes origami and obsesses over his plan for almost all his life and is quiet and reserved and is actually a boss). The professor’s dedication is almost too good.

Nairobi is also one of my favorites and we get to like other characters as the story progresses. Like Berlin, who we hated almost until the end and regretted it. But I did like his leadership and his teamwork and all. And then there’s Tokyo who kinda ruins the plan sometimes but we like her anyway. I could go on and on talking about the characters, I guess.

Money Heist characters fanart illustration

My favorite were the first 2 seasons because of it’s good story and a lighthearted progression, it had a classic feel to it. And it could have ended there well. The rest of the seasons were pretty entertaining too, they were intense and suspenseful.

Characters illustration process playlist right here..

So, fanart illustration it was. Fanart is appreciation after all. I did a couple of illustrations of the characters and some posters and also the professor as a clown (cuz I loved that scene).

I even went so far as to experiment with the illustrations I’ve done to make a La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) and Grand Theft Auto crossover fanart and boy, aint that lookin cool..

Grand Theft Cash La Casa de Papel
Grand Theft Cash La Casa de Papel but in black

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