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Fanart Illustration #4 – Attack On Titan

If I haven’t said this before, I’m also into anime. And guess which is one of my favorites? Dragon Ball Z! But another top favorite is, you guessed it, Attack on Titan.

Attack on Titan, brought to my attention by it’s popularity (which I’m glad it did), was a great addition to the anime watchlist. And it ain’t popular for no reason I tell ya. It is one of the best out there. It’s got a dark fantasy theme to it but it’s story is really captivating.

Attack on Titan characters

It’s set in a world where humanity is almost on the verge of extinction due to the giant monstrous and mindless humanoid titans that devoured humans and the only survivors lived confined to three enormous walls that keep the titans out. Most of humanity became accustomed to life inside the walls sacrificing their freedom to the world outside, and the only people that did go outside the walls were the Survey Corp soldiers who were supposed to study the outside and learn about titans and the world outside. Humanity enjoyed a period of peace inside the walls that was thought to last. But all that changed when two different unique and gigantic titans broke in through the walls and left humanity under the threat of titans.

The anime’s story also has lots of twists and revelations and it’s so thrilling and the suspense build-up is just amazing. The story takes different perspectives as it progresses and things become more clear eventually. It gives us all sorts of emotions. Besides great action, there are also lots of other things like humor and comedy as well as tragic and really sad scenes. We also get heartbroken a lot since a lot of people get eaten and killed mercilessly and it’s kind of scary.

And then there are the characters and this one has an awesome bunch. The characters are diverse, and most are respectable since they fiercely fight for humanity. There are all kinds of people like the hilarious ones (like Sasha and Connie), serious ones, and cool ones (Levi Ackermann!). Another favorite of mine is Erwin Smith who is a total badass leader, almost all of his dialogues are fire! And there are many other interesting characters as well.

And of course, our main three, Mikasa Ackermann who is a strong one, Armin Alert, the smart one although sorta less confident in himself (and is relatable to me) but would do anything for his friends, and our main man, Eren Yaeger who wanted to take revenge against the titans and kill them all. He also undergoes a glow-up kind of character development for better or for worse.

The art style and music of this anime are top-notch. The quality and animation are so good and each scene is detailed and each detail is explained. The 3d gear and all the weapons and stuff are described and are pretty cool too. The setting and building and all look realistic and I’ve heard they’re based on a place in Germany (dream destination added). Also, the opening and endings of the anime are pretty good too.

Illustration Process Playlist

Overall, I loved it and you would too. I did illustrations of my favorite characters. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts.

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9 thoughts on “Fanart Illustration #4 – Attack On Titan

      1. Oh cool..
        It would depend on what genre you are into.. but I think Death Note might be a good start.
        This one’s pretty good too if you wanna go with that.
        (I might as well make an anime recommendation post sometime)

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